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Greetings from Finland!

Aphrodite was found in 2019 and sparked from the passion of wanting to revolutionize adult novelty industry for the better.

We believe everyone deserves a fair chance at being happy, loved and sexually satisfied; with or without a partner. We want to be part of the change that breaks the negative stigma around sexuality and accepting your sexuality. Regardless of your sexual orientation and name of the business was inspired by this. Aphrodite: goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality.

Our first goal is to bring all of your favorite brands under one roof and make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for as much as for sellers to come around just like good old fashioned bazaar!
The second goal is to stop toys that aren't made with the highest quality from being sold on Aphrodite alongside battery-operated toys. Just the sake of customers' health and being more ecological while doing so. So while shopping on Aphrodite you can put your mind at ease and be sure that we don't promote toxic products.

Tho the business itself is registered in Finland, founders are Persian siblings. First founded by sister and later on brother joined forces with her and eventually became a family business.
How does this happen?
Simply from the passion of wanting to accept ourselves and our sexuality and odd enough even in 2020 there is so much negativity and bad stigma around one accepting its sexuality. Especially if that is the case in Europe, we can assure you it's at least twice as hard for someone with a strict Persian upbringing. Read about the founders' background in more detail and colors from here.